10 Hilarious “Mean Girls” Memes That Will Make You Laugh

We all have that friend that we like a lot, the one that makes us laugh. So here I’m back with the new funny meme post.

if you did not check our last Reddit meme post yet just check it. you feel better after this so today we will back with 10 Hilarious “Mean Girls” Memes That Will Make You Laugh.

So let Jump to the meme.

1. Jealous Girls

the meme shows a girl is jealous when you have only a guy friends.

2. Awww Thanks

the meme shows when a girl replies to you AWWW Thanks that means she wants to return you to the friend zone that you are trying to escape from.

and believe me, you never escape from a friendzone fucking truth.

3. When Your Girl On Period

Just a simple word don’t mess with her when your girl is on periods.

4. She doesn’t wear makeup

this meme shows you how girls claim that she never wears makeup but also she looks like this.

Ohh god, no offense but this is dammed truth.

5. Wifi Goes Out

that’s the face when a girls try a new makeup tutorial and sudden her wifi goes out. fucking dangerous.

6. 10 Years Girls

Nowadays a 10-year-old Girl is crying about a breakup Ohh when I was 10 I cried for cartoons that I missed.

What going on these days…

7. Hot Girls

Girls claim that she is Hot Ohh Damm’s truth just look at the picture. joke a part girl save your hairs, please

8. White Girls Mode-Locked

when you like white girls the picture shows the target spotted or locked just ready to shoot through your eyes.

9. Can’t Eat Anymore

When you are skinny and people say you can’t eat all but that fucking people don’t know how much you eat.

10. I Know Your Mother


When you are a big girl and someone younger then you try to hit you that the fear you gave to your younger.

Final Words

First of all girls, please don’t hate its just a memes enjoy.

I hope you enjoy this post no matter you are a girl or boy if you really did please share this post with your loving one and make them smile we will back soon with another meme post goodbye have a good day.

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