MBA in USA Top Universities, Fee Structure of MBA Full Explanation in Detail

MBA is a very good option for those who are interested in business studies and willing to start their own business or work at the top level of a business firm. Different people choose different countries for this course and who are thinking of USA for MBA then you are in the correct place. In this article, you will get to know about the best colleges of MBA USA and other important information about that like facilities, fee structure, etc. let’s get started

Advantages of pursuing MBA from the USA

Best salary package: You will get the best salary package after perusing MBA in the USA and great opportunities.

Great opportunities: USA provides you the best college for MBA and the best professor to teach you. Many big companies are in the USA that means the door of opportunities is always open for you.

High marketing: The marketing is at a high level in the USA and that’s why it is a good option for you to choose USA colleges for MBA rather than any other country. Students of MBA College in the USA know everything about marketing and business administration which helps them to do the best in their work.

Best professors: The professors are well trained and help you to achieve the best knowledge. The professor improves your mistakes and makes the best version of you. They also share their experience with you which help you teach something new.

These are the four key reasons why USA is the best option for MBA but there is many more others reason which told you the MBA in the USA is a golden opportunity for you but now let’s get the jump to other points.

Top universities of MBA in the USA

Here is the list of some top five universities for MBA in the USA.

Harvard University

Harvard University is in Cambridge and it gives you the best experience of studying MBA in America. It gives you the experience of leadership. It is the oldest university in the USA and is situated in 1636.

Harvard also has a museum and the biggest library in it.

Lawrence S.Bacow is the president is the university. If you are thinking of pursuing an MBA in the USA but are confused about the universities that HARVARD UNIVERSITY is a very good option for you.

The University of Chicago booth school in Business

It is situated in Chicago. The Chicago booth is another option for you to do MBA in the USA. It helps you to figure about yourself and be a good person with many good skills.

It helps you take your good ideas and convert them into experiments. It offers you many formats like what you want to do, full or half time MBA, evening or morning, and many others.

It helps you to achieve your goals. If you have big dreams and want to do big things in life that Chicago booth is for you.

Kellogg school of management

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It is situated in Evanston. Kellogg school of management is helping students to become good in management since 1908.

It has very good teaching staff. It has a good theory of business studies for teaching their student the best. You will get the job after completing your graduation. It is also a very good option for an MBA.

Haas School of Business

this school is in California, Berkeley. It is the business college of the University of California. It is one of the best universities for business studies.

It has four buildings with a very beautiful environment and structure. This business school also provides you the different formals for pursuing MBA.

You will get different college options for an MBA at this university of California. This is also a quite good option for MBA.

Columbia University

this university is in New York. It is the best institute for completing your MBA. It provides you the best professors who give their best to make the best version of you.

So these are some best universities and colleges for pursuing an MBA in the United States of America. But these are not all; there are many more other colleges and universities which take you to the highest level in business studies, you just have to figure it out.

Fee structure of MBA in the USA

  •  Chicago booth: MBA fees of this university are $145,440 while the fee for the first year is $73,440.
  • University of California: this university provides you the different formats for MBA and the fee of different formats is also different like the fee of a full-time MBA is Rs 56.3 lack of the first year. Rs
  • Harvard University: MBA fee structure of the first year in Rs 85 lacks
  • New York University: Rs 84.7 Lacks in this university.

With the help of this fee structure, you all will get an idea of the fee structure of the USA universities. Maybe you all are thinking that the fee is very high and it is not easy for you to do a peruse MBA from your favorite university in America.

But trust me this all will worth it. And many of you will also get a scholarship for your admission to the American university.

Scholarship for MBA in the USA

You can also Google for knowing about the scholarships for MBA in the USA. But I also want to tell you a few things.

Because of the financial conditions, everyone cannot pay for an MBA in the USA. That’s why the scholarships are available from Northcentral University.

You all can visit the official site of this university and get all the information about that. I hope that this info is very useful for you.

Is it worth doing an MBA in the USA?

Now after all the given information, the question which hit you minds that it is worth doing an MBA from the USA? So the answer is yes, is very worthy and satisfying.

It worth’s your time, experience, and also your efforts. MBA is the best career option and if it is from an MBA then it becomes the best.

I hope after this article you all will get very clear about the MBA in the USA.

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