World Needs Nonviolence Hindu Ethics, Compassion

Tibetan religious leader Dalai Lama on Saturday said the world needs ancient Indian values of non-violence and compassion.

the worldwide peace icon turned into speakme to reporters in advance of the 3-day worldwide Buddhist Congregation being held in Maharashtra’s Aurangabad town.

Non-violence and compassion are helping human beings of many faiths in India to live with peace and mutual appreciate, he stated.

“we can see conflicts anywhere. whenever I hear approximately such conflicts, it pains me. At this moment, the sector can live in peace in the event that they observe values of compassion and non-violence,” Dalai Lama stated.

talking about idealogical variations, he stated, “those philosophical differences are there, but tolerance is wanted to stay peacefully. If the community is satisfied, then an character can be satisfied.”

Western training is more fabric orientated. India have to comply with this device, however also begin reviving its historical understanding, he said.

Dr Babsaheb Ambedkar started out social reforms in 1956.

This act of Dr Ambedkar become a strong step in the direction of annihilation of caste device, that is India’s drawback, the religious chief said.

“I always name myself as a son of India. reporters from China puzzled me approximately this. I stated, although i’m Tibetan physically, i have spent 60 years of my life in India.

My mind is complete of thoughts of Nalanda,” he said.

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